5Gb GigE Vision cameras: higher data rates over longer cables

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5Gb GigE Vision cameras: higher data rates over longer cablesTeledyne DALSA’s new Genie Nano-5G GigE Vision cameras provide exceptional data transfer capabilities using industry-standard Ethernet technology at an attractive price point. With data transfer rates in excess of 5 Gb/s possible over cable lengths up to 100m, and a choice of high performance Sony sensors, these new cameras open up a host of new applications in a wide range of industries.

The new 5GBASE-T interface brings significant benefits. The cameras can slot directly into existing GigE Vision systems since 5GBASE-T technology allows Ethernet links to offer data rates of up to 5Gbps over commonly used Cat5e cables. The standard provides faster frame rates than USB3 Vision – equivalent to 585MB/s, with a further increase in bandwidth to 985 MB/sec using Teledyne DALSA’s award-winning TurboDrive technology. This compares to bandwidths of 360 to 400MB/s for USB3 Vision.

The inclusion of TurboDrive also means that the cameras can operate at data rates approaching that of 10 GigE Vision, yet they have none of the heat dissipation requirements associated with that technology. They are therefore much more compact and lightweight, with a footprint of just 59mm × 44mm × 32mm in a robust metal body, which is approximately 25 per cent of the volume of a 10GE Camera. With internal acquisition rates approaching 1GB/sec the Genie Nano 5G can operate burst mode and sequencing at the fastest capabilities of the latest generation of sensors. They can operate over a wide temperature range (–20 to 65degC) for imaging in harsh environments.

Genie Nano-5G cameras are available with a choice of high-performance Sony Pregius CMOS sensors with resolutions from 3.2Mpixels to 12Mpixels, which offer fast frame rates from 190 to 63 fps. Higher frame rates can be achieved in partial scan mode. The excellent image quality provided by these sensors, combined by the impressive data transfer rates makes these cameras well suited for use in many different applications. These include: industrial automation, electronics manufacturing, packaging inspection, semiconductor inspection, PCB-AOI (automated optical inspection), sport & entertainment high speed capture as well as general machine vision applications.

In addition to simplified camera set-up using field proven Sapera LT software featuring CamExpert or the included CVB CameraSuite, the Genie Nano-5G has a high level of programmability. Camera capabilities include:

  • global electronic shutter with exposure control
  • multi-exposure feature
  • advanced sequencing, a multi-ROI feature
  • metadata support
  • IEEE1588 (Precision Time Protocol)
  • binning
  • look-up-table and more

Teledyne DALSA’s Trigger to Image Reliability (T2IR) framework improves the reliability of the inspection system and protects from data loss.

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