Ball screws and lead screws from stock or fully customised

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Ball screws and lead screws from stock or fully customisedAbssac says it can work with customers to reduce scrap rates by supplying ball screws and lead screws that fit directly into an application, every time. With a machining capability that is enjoyed by numerous Abssac customers, the company provides products with excellent journal concentricity, regardless of diameter.

Abssac can work directly from dimensional drawings or, if they do not exist, the company can accept a physical sample for reverse engineering. Although all types of end machine detail can be employed, Abssac offers a very competitive basic end journal machining to fit its range of support bearings

Mr Phil Jones of Abssac says: “We have had great success in reverse engineering original designs of lead and ball screws where no formal drawing exists. Customers have shipped the parts for us to dimensionally check and copy into a new physical part. It is particularly great to get involved with these types of projects where we are part of a restoration. Abssac has a huge range of linear products, so nine times out of ten we can help with these more unusual requirements.”

Abssac also supplies a full range of linear guides and rails that can provide the load support for a linear mechanism. Offering excellent rigidity and parallelism during operation, the guides can be used in both vertical and horizontal planes.

The whole program enables Abssac to supply a complete linear system, which the company will assemble for you as well if required.

For further technical information, contact Abssac’s sales engineers who will be more than happy to help you with your selection, or go to

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