New M12 PushPull connector for factory automation applications

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New M12 PushPull connector for factory automation applicationsHarting is launching a new M12 PushPull metric circular connector that is compatible with the needs of factory automation applications. The new connector adds the benefits of fast and easy handling to the existing advantages of PushPull locking technology in a “Plug&Produce” approach to sensor or control installation.

The entire field of circular connectors is in transition. Manufacturers of connection technology are taking great strides towards tool-free PushPull locking techniques. Now, as part of ongoing standardisation efforts – which Harting is actively promoting – the push is on to find suitable universal standards for M12 PushPull interlocks. These create investment security for the customer and meet the requirements of the M12 as a familiar, standardised interface.

While previous products have snapped into place on the outside on protruding sockets with a characteristic ‘click’, the first steps have been taken on the road to M12 PushPull sockets which feature internal locking and which can be installed in very flat configurations without an outer collar – one of the key requirements of the automation industry.

More and more manufacturers of industrial connection technology rely on time-saving and easy-to-use PushPull concepts for their connectors. In this context, the classic screw lock of the M12 circular connector is becoming an annoying time-waster when it comes to mounting numerous interfaces. In a direct comparison of M12 PushPull to the familiar screw locking arrangement, the new locking technology can be connected some 75 per cent faster.

In response to this trend, Harting entered the rail market segment just under three years ago with an M12 PushPull product. In the interim, the Harting product has become an established option that is specially tailored to the needs of railway users.

Similar requirements have become increasingly apparent in some areas within the automation sector, offering the benefits of simple and safe operation, acoustic feedback, and time and cost savings. Harting is now meeting these demands and is actively promoting the standardisation of a comprehensive M12 PushPull market standard. The eventual aim is a single IEC 61076-2-010 standard that will provide one comprehensive solution for transportation and one for factory automation, creating investment security for users.

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