Red, green and blue LEDs suitable for signs and signals

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Avago Technologies is introducing a new series of Extra Bright II oval red, green and blue light-emitting diodes (LEDs) for the electronic signs and signals (ESS) market. Avago's series of 4 and 5mm oval through-hole LED lamps have been specifically designed for use in full-colour ESS applications such as passenger signs, variable message signs, scoreboards and channel lighting.

Avago's HLMP-Lx63 (4mm) and HLMP-Hx63 (5mm) series of LEDs provide an oval shaped radiation pattern, a wide viewing angle and high illumination intensity to make display characters viewable from wide angles in bright sunlight. Moreover, these LED lamps have a very smooth, matched radiation pattern to ensure consistent colour mixing in full-colour applications. Each lamp is made with advanced optical-grade epoxy to offer superior high temperature- and moisture-resistance in outdoor ESS applications.

Designers of electronic signs and signals are seeking higher brightness levels to reduce the number of LEDs in a cluster. With Avago's HLMP-Lx63 and HLMP-Hx63 series of extra-bright 4 and 5mm oval through-hole LED lamps, electronic signs can be designed using fewer individual LEDs to provide equivalent brightness. Alternatively, signs can be designed with the same number of LEDs, providing substantially higher brightness levels for better readability and contrast. The lead spacing and packages are compatible with conventional high-brightness 4 and 5mm standard and miniature oval-pattern LED lamps.

The extra-bright HLMP-Lx63 and HLMP-Hx63 LED lamps are supplied in Avago's precision optical performance moulded packages to offer high brightness and low power consumption. The packaging design, coupled with carefully selected materials, allows the lamps to perform with high reliability in a wide temperature range, which is crucial for outdoor applications where the LED is exposed directly to ultraviolet radiation and humid environments.

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