Low-back-pressure conveyors are easy to integrate

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Arbor Automation, part of the Orbitform Group, is introducing the Low Back Pressure (LBP) modular conveyor system for transferring parts of all shapes and sizes with minimal energy.

Using Arbor's LBP conveyors, parts ride directly on a densely populated array of plastic rollers. The parts flow freely with very low friction and exert minimal force on adjacent parts and automation components. Arbor integrates its LBP conveyors with machine tools, robots, operator load stations, parts washers, and virtually any production assembly system.

Arbor Automation LBP conveyors are suitable for the following applications:

  • Low-impact part handling with minimal part-to-part contact
  • Work-in-process (WIP) buffering/accumulation
  • Asynchronous or synchronous WIP flow
  • Low-profile
  • thin-walled round parts

Easy to set up and configure, the modular LBP segments come in variable lengths with widths of 3.75-12 inches (95-305mm). Features include: 45- and 90-degree turns, high- and low-density roller spacing, multiple chain materials, and custom-specified heights.

Arbor is experienced in complex controls and trafficking technology and is an experienced RFID integrator. Arbor can supply a full range of LPB conveyors, from fully operable systems to conveyors with junction box and valve stack integration points.

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