New iglidur Q2E bearing withstands loads up to 130MPa

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New iglidur Q2E bearing withstands loads up to 130MPaIn construction and agricultural machinery, commercial vehicles and even offshore plants, extreme loads often prevail for plain bearings. For this reason, igus has developed the iglidur Q2E bearing.

The bearing features a hard polymer shell and a tribo-optimised core made of iglidur Q2 material. These two materials combine to ensure that the bearing can withstand the highest edge loads. Even under loads of 7 tons and more, with a plain bearing with a diameter of 20mm, this core is dimensionally stable and wear resistant. Like a protective shell, this gives the bearing higher strength and thus ensures an increased service life. igus has proven this in its test laboratory, where the bearing withstood a radial load of 130MPa.

As with all igus bearings, the high-performance plastics are lubrication free and therefore provide maintenance-free operation of the bearing points and prevent machine failures due to inadequate lubrication. In addition, dust and debris can no longer adhere to the bearing points, which minimises wear.

iglidur Q2E is initially available for shaft diameters of 20, 25, 30 and 40mm. Follow the link for further information about the iglidur Q2E bearing.

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