Handwheels and crank handles for machine builders

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Norelem is promoting a wide range of handwheels and crank handles to help machine operators adjust or set the position of parts more easily.

Used in line with linear actuators and found on a variety of machines including mills and traditional lathes, Norelem’s handwheels are used to move pieces of work along linear slides, rails or tracks to be cut. norelem also provides a range of solid handwheels, with 2-spoke and 3-spoke varieties available to provide operators with improved axial access.

For those looking for even quicker speed of operation, operators may choose to opt for Norelem’s crank handles. Available in a range of materials including plastic, aluminium, ductile iron, or stainless steel, design engineers can choose the best component for their specific application – no matter how demanding the working environment.

Norelem’s crank handles are also available with revolving grips to reduce repetitive strain injuries and to make operation even easier.

All parts are available to order from The Big Green Book – Norelem’s renowned catalogue of over 45,000 standard components.

Marcus Schneck, CEO of Norelem says: “Crank handles and handwheels are often overlooked but are vital components on many machines and lathes. With such a wide variety of sizes, types and materials, we can quickly deliver the most suitable parts for any machinists needs.”

For more about Norelem in the UK and its range of components, including handwheels and crank handles, please visit the Norelem website.

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