Wieland wipos PSW power supply with wider range of input options

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Wieland wipos PSW power supply with wider range of input optionsWieland Electric has added the wipos PSW to the company’s wipos power supply series to offer a wider range of input options. The wipos range is compact, reliable and robust, incorporating essential features for drive technology applications and making machines and equipment safer.

The wipos PSW series has a 1,2 or 3-phase input AC (187–550V AC) + DC (250–750V DC), making it well suited for worldwide use. The units have a high efficiency of >92 per cent and >35 per cent overload (power boost) for 5s with different variants for 24/48V DC output. The slim and powerful wipos PSW units have compact dimensions of only W × H × D = 73 × 140 × 137mm and provide a performance that far outweighs their size.

Various protection mechanisms have been included in the design of the he wipos PSW series, including input under voltage lock-out, output overcurrent, short circuit and temperature fluctuations. The units are also suitable for systems in the field of renewable energies with DC input and provide the user with status and diagnostics (overload, DC OK LED, DC OK relay contact).

The wipos PSW series are well suited for applications where emergency generators are used on the primary side of the power supplies because of voltage dips and surges. In addition, these power supply units are useful for use in metal, wood, stone and plastic processing plus driverless transport systems, including elevators, escalators and wind turbines.

Power supply units are the core of the control cabinet and Wieland’s wipos range provides consistent, constant output, providing the most reliable option for most applications. Go to for further imformation.

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