Barometric pressure instrument is accurate and versatile

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Barometric pressure instrument is accurate and versatileETL is launching a new portable high-accuracy barometric pressure measuring unit, the 765-16B, for use on and off site. It is designed to give barometric pressure readings of +/-0.08hPa or better in strong winds, all wind directions, pitch or tilt angles of up to 25 degrees, rain and freezing conditions. The resolution is 0.0001 per cent.

The integral Digiquartz barometers have been extensively used in field transfer standards for ASOS and AWOS verification. Barometric functions include altimeter setting, density altitude, field pressure, pressure altitude, station pressure, sea level pressure.

When it is switched on it is immediately possible to read the pressure values in any of the user-selectable engineering units. Front panel selections include taring, resolution, sampling time, number of display units, engineering units, max/min readings, alarm points and communication parameters. Choices for the second line of the display include an analogue pressure bar graph, sensor temperature, rate of pressure change, stored text or user-defined external text. Free software is included and future upgrades are easily downloaded.

An internal logger can automatically store over 390,000 high-resolution data points. The 765-16B can be also controlled via the bidirectional RS-232 or USB interface with a new improved command set. The unit is fully self-contained in a rugged, compact case and weighs only 3.86kg. It is powered by an included AC adapter or rechargeable batteries that can give 150 hours of service.

This versatile product has applications in the aerospace, metrology, oceanography, meteorology, energy exploration, process control and laboratory instrumentation industries.

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