EMS now supplying Faulhaber stepper motors in the UK

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EMS now supplying Faulhaber stepper motors in the UKEMS (Electro Mechanical Systems Ltd) will officially launch a new range of Faulhaber DM stepper motors at the Engineering Design Show, which takes place place at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry on 16-17 October 2019. As the sole distributor of Faulhaber motors in the UK, the launch is the latest range available for precise and control movement applications.

The new Faulhaber DM stepper motors offer very low internal rotor inertia, high levels of control and are well suited to applications requiring very precise and controllable movement, including laboratory equipment and computer numerical control (CNC) machine tools.

Furthermore, the motors can be paired with feedback systems in the form of optical encoders and can be modified for use in high-vacuum environments. In addition, the two-phase stepper motor varieties can be combined with gearheads from the Faulhaber range, both planetary and spur, resulting in higher torque per volume.

Stewart Goulding, managing director of EMS Ltd, comments: "Launching the new range of Faulhaber stepper motors to the UK market at the Engineering Design Show will provide a new option for precision applications, such as camera lenses, tooling and the prosthetic industries.

"Stepper motors are key for a wide variety of precision applications because they move in steps. Each step is the same length, allowing for precise known movements without the requirement for a closed-loop system. For this reason, most high-quality CCTV systems and 3D printers use stepper motors, as both need extreme precision in movement to achieve the high levels of quality required.

"CCTV systems use stepper motors to control their pan and tilt movements; having smooth actuation in these instances is key to ensuring a clear film capture. Without this quality in motion, the CCTV system images may blur, making it harder to identify perpetrators. Whereas 3D printers use stepper motors for the precise movements of the printing heads that extrude the plastics. All Faulhaber stepper motors are two-phase varieties, ensuring excellent compatibility with common controllers. This makes integration into new and existing systems straightforward, while still accessing the enhanced performance of the DM series motors."

EMS also provides a custom design and manufacturing service, which offers custom mechanisms to a range of sectors including the automotive, medical, metrology, petrochemical and personal health industries.

To find out more about EMS and its product offering, go to or visit stand C60 at the Engineering Design Show.

09 September 2019

EMS (Electro Mechanical Systems)visit website
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