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Essentra Components has added thousands of new products to its catalogue of hardware components, all targeted to meet the needs of machine builders and equipment manufacturers.

This includes 5000 new SKUs of standard machine parts such as handwheels, knobs, levers, handles, control knobs, and indexing plungers. Alongside new PA, PP, POM and PF offerings they also have steel, stainless steel and aluminium choices and customisable colour options to suit customer build applications.

Other extended ranges to make things easier for future machine builds include:

Hygienic feet, handles, locks and nuts: Their new easy-to-clean, chemically resistant, 3-A standard range of products are suitable for healthcare and food industry equipment manufacturing. 3-A is a standard to promote hygienic equipment design. This set of feet, handles and knobs all incorporate polished 304 stainless steel, silicone gaskets and smooth surfaces to reduce dust and dirt build-up. Polished 304 stainless steel nuts prevent air, dust and liquid ingress by obscuring threads.

Anti-vibration bell mounts: In a range of thread sizes from M8 to M16, these light to medium-duty mounts made from steel and shore rubber hardness 60 isolate vibrations. Safe break options are available.

Toggle clamps: Extended range of vertical and horizontal, hold-down, push/pull, safety lock and stainless steel clamps stocked in industry standard sizing.

Accessories for hydraulic systems: Oil level indicators, breather caps with splash guard and column level indicators for checking fluid levels in hydraulic systems.

Tube clamp connectors: For connecting, assembling and clamping elements in machine building and tube connecting.

Further information on Essentra Components products can be found on the Essentra Components website at

27 September 2019

Essentra Components Ltdvisit website
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