iglidur wear-resistant coatings can be applied directly to metal

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iglidur wear-resistant coatings can be applied directly to metalFor lubrication-free sliding in a very tight space, igus has introduced a new coating material and service for metal components. The iglidur coating provides the components with the wear and sliding properties of the maintenance-free iglidur materials.

The coating was developed for applications where a classic shaft-bearing combination is not possible, such as in valves and pistons. For applications such as on guide plates in material handling, the coating makes the surface more slippery and protects the underlying metal from corrosion. The coatings can also be used for cosmetic reasons.

Available in five proven iglidur materials:

  • iglidur IC-01 (black) and IC-02 (white) for application temperatures up to 90degC
  • iglidur IC-03 (yellow) and IC-06 (cream) for temperatures up to 140degC
  • iglidur IC-04 for temperatures up to 300degC; this material is also resistant to chemicals

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