Modular components for building pick-and-place systems

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Modular components for building pick-and-place systemsBosch Rexroth has developed a new concept that overcomes the issues traditionally faced when designing and assembling automated handling machines and systems. camoLINE is a new cartesian motion building system that combines purposely adapted linear motion systems and motors with pneumatic mini slides, rotary compact modules, grippers and innovative positive-locking connection technology to provide a system that meets the needs of the most common pick-and-place applications.

Some areas and challenges within machine construction are simple for experts to overcome. However, the gripping, lifting, rotating, positioning and placing functions that handling systems have to perform are often complicated to realise and efficiently put into practice. Historically, to overcome these issues each system had to be tailor-made for the specific application. However, the camoLINE system takes the modularisation principle further to create a building system comprising suitably matched and combinable linear motion and mechanical components.

The great advantage for users is that they can combine electromechanical and pneumatic axes in almost unlimited variations and quickly build the chosen configuration using the innovative connection technology. This eliminates a large part of the design and installation effort for pick-and-place applications and linear and X-Y gantries. With this system, Bosch says mechatronics is made simple and effective.

Modular components

Simplification starts with the basic supporting structure: extruded aluminium profile struts measuring up to 4000mm in length and featuring two rows of centring holes with standardised spacing take the effort out of construction. Centring rings enable users to connect individual components of the building system to each other, either directly or via matching connection elements, to create positive-locking joints requiring no further adjustment. Angle brackets ensure precise and stable fixing to the mounting base. Since all the connection dimensions are identical, users are free to choose the most appropriate products from the range of pneumatic and electric drive units.

With two ball rail systems integrated in their aluminium extrusion frame, the Electromechanical Compact Modules offer high load capacities and high rigidity and are available with a ball screw drive for high positioning accuracy or with a toothed belt drive for high speeds.

The IP65 Rexroth IndraDyn servo motors offer high dynamics within a compact envelope. Equipped with Hiperface multi-turn absolute encoders, these motors retain the absolute axis position even when the system is powered down. All motors can be ordered with or without a holding brake, to suit the specific requirements.

Pneumatic axes

High-performance pneumatic actuators, also prepared for direct mounting, can be used to perform handling tasks. The mini slides with two drive cylinders offer several options for attachment to further handling components and are available in a series of standardised stroke lengths.

The powerful Rotary Compact Modules feature accurate and high-load rotary flange bearings. The pneumatic parallel, angular and radial grippers come in narrow size increments to cover a broad range of applications.

Standardised interfaces enable users to combine the pneumatic and electric axes in almost any configuration to achieve the most appropriate and economical drive system for each application. This standardisation and the new connection technology speed up installation and start-up.

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