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Mclennan now supplying innovative hollow-shaft rotary actuatorsRecently announced by JVL A/S, the new HLMT series hollow-shaft rotary actuators take a novel approach to decentralised precision positioning tasks on rotary tables and automated machines where a through-aperture is required for routing services or maintaining a clear line of site. Available in the UK from Mclennan, the design features an offset motor mounting in five model variants with clear through-hole diameters from 20 to 30mm and rated torque output of 5 to 142Nm. The actuators are used with JVL's MAC motor and ServoStep integrated servo and stepper motors, or with other manufacturers' motors in NEMA 17, 23 and 34 frame sizes.

HLMT actuators are available a comprehensive choice of options to make installation straightforward and cost-effective. These include built-in absolute encoders for positioning accuracy to +/- 10 arc-sec and lost motion to 2 arc-min. Built-in home (datum) sensors are also available and standard or crossed-roller bearing options suit standard or heavy-duty axial and radial rigidity requirements (axial load to 800N on the largest model). Gear ratios available are 5, 10 or 18:1 with higher ratios on request.

With its inherent high torque, axial load capability, low run-out and platform parallelism, the HLMT series is particularly suited to rotary table applications but also suits machine set-ups where slip rings, electrical wiring, rotary fluid power joints or laser line-of-sight needs to be routed for moving to stationary platforms. The durable geared actuator is protected to IP65 level, as are many of the JVL integrated motors.

The depth and flexibility of JVL's range of integrated servo and stepper motor allows almost any choice of machine control interfacing with the added benefit of decentralised control for reduced installation and wiring. With no need for control cabinets, decentralised control can yield tangible cost and time savings. Control options cover individual or multi-axis standalone motion control with step-and-direction or analogue +/-10V DC inputs. JVL's own point-and-click graphical programming is also available across all its integrated motors. For MAC series integrated servomotors, the control options extend to a wide choice of Industrial Ethernet or other common protocols including CANopen, DeviceNet, Profibus, Profinet, EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT, Powerlink and more. Wireless Bluetooth, WLAN and Zigbee systems are also available. The HLMT series may be purchased for use with third-party stepper and servo motors of choice, allowing the option to build through-hole rotary actuators with the customer's preferred motor/motion controls supplier.

Mclennan has represented JVL in the UK for more than five years and offers a complete service from product selection to after sales support across the Danish motion controls manufacturer's complete range of products and systems. Mclennan also has distribution partnerships with other selected motion control component and systems manufacturers, and with its own comprehensive design-and-build service provides stepper and servo motor based automation systems from single components to complete mechatronic assemblies.

Follow the link for more details about Mclennan's rotary actuators for servo and stepper motors.

11 December 2019

Mclennan Servo Supplies Ltdvisit website
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