Reflective encoder with analogue output is 'industry first'

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Avago Technologies is launching what it claims is the industry's first reflective encoder with analogue output. Avago's AEDR-8320 high-resolution miniature surface-mount (SMT) optical encoder, which provides precise positioning information and direction sensing, is suitable for use in industrial and office automation applications where space is constrained. This new encoder is the latest addition to Avago's broad portfolio of miniature optical encoders.

Measuring 6.50mm long by 4.20mm wide and 1.69mm high, the AEDR-8320 encoders can operate over a wide temperature range. The AEDR-8320 targets designers of pick-and-place machines, robotic equipment, optical disk drives, card readers, printers and copiers.

The AEDR-8320 series features two-channel analogue output that provides a resolution of 180 lines per inch (LPI) for rotary and linear measurement. In addition, its two-channel analogue outputs can achieve even higher resolutions through interpolation. The AEDR-8320 can achieve resolutions of 2.2-10um for linear movement and from 4096 counts per revolution (CPR) to 7840 CPR for rotary sensing, utilising an external interpolation IC. These high-resolution encoders also incorporate an LED light source and photo detector IC in a single leadless package, and uses reflective technology to sense rotary or linear position.

Moreover, the AEDR-8320 encoder can be interfaced directly with most signal processing circuitries to provide designed-in versatility and easy integration into existing systems.

The AEDR-8320 series of reflective encoders provides accurate real-time position sensing that is claimed to be superior to competing encoders in terms of duty, state and phase. They are also insensitive to axial play and maintain performance and accuracy over a wide variation in the gap between sensor and code wheel or strip. Additionally, the AEDR-8320 series can be used with a reflective code wheel to sense rotary position and velocity, or with a linear code strip to sense linear position and velocity.

These new encoders are available now through Avago Technologies' direct sales channel and worldwide distribution partners.

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