New quarter-turn hygienic latch with SW13 insert

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The new Dirak hygienic quarter-turn latch from FDB Panel Fittings meets hygiene requirements according to DIN EN ISO 14159 and DIN EN 1672-2, offering an easy-to-clean IP65/IP67/69K sealing performance according to DIN EN 60529 / DIN 40050 using coloured O-rings (FDA compliant) which prevent accumulation of dirt deposits and penetration of liquids under pressure wash conditions.

These quarter-turn hygienic latches with SW13 security inserts are now available with Red or Blue O-rings to suit FDA colour coding for food and other internal processing areas, where they are resistant to dirt and easy to clean by virtue of their polished surfaces and smooth transition radii.

Construction is in AISI 316 stainless steel with food grade plastic O-rings for sealing and identification - mounting may be right hand/left hand – grounding is achieved by an integral grounding nut.

FDB Panel Fittings and sister company FDB Electrical share their online shopping website at, where you can find further information about new Dirak hygienic quarter-turn latch.

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