BRIC2 PXI switch matrices are compact and cost-effective

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Pickering Interfaces is expanding its range of PXI switch matrix products with the introduction of a new addition to its 40-560/561/562 series BRIC range. The new BRIC2 matrices occupy two slots of a PXI chassis and are said to be more compact and cost-effective for matrix applications not requiring the higher crosspoint count of four- or eight-slot BRICs.

As is the case with the larger versions, each BRIC2 is a completely configured matrix that requires no terminal blocks for users to wire together; this approach maximises the bandwidth of the switches and reduces user configuration costs.

BRIC2s are available in a variety of configurations with matrix sizes up to 276x4 in single-pole configurations. Y Bus configurations of x8, x16, x32 and a dual eight-way analogue bus are available, and each is offered with one of three different types of reed relay (40-560, 40-561 and 40-562), which enables users to select a density and rating specification that meets their requirements.

Each version uses instrument-grade reed relays to ensure long service life and reliable operation under hot and cold switching conditions. A full range of connector and cable assembly accessories is available to simplify

integration of the matrices into test systems.

Data sheets, price and delivery times for the BRIC2 modules are available on Pickering Interfaces' website.

11 September 2007

Pickering Interfaces Ltdvisit website
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