Inline and right-angle ejectors are compact and lightweight

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Bosch Rexroth is introducing basic and inline ejectors that are compact and lightweight. These are the latest additions to the company's EBS vacuum generator series. Both of the new versions – the EBS-PT compact basic ejector and the small EBS-PI inline ejector – have many similarities; yet they have been optimised for different applications. Both types work according to the Venturi principle for single-stage vacuum ejectors. However, they are said to set themselves apart thanks to a strong vacuum with a simultaneous high suction capacity. Additionally, both ejectors are real lightweights that can be integrated into a pneumatics handling system quickly and easily.

The construction of the ejectors is claimed to be unique, as it contains no moving parts, making it wear- and maintenance-free. Thanks to their light weight, the ejectors can be mounted close to the suction cups, enabling short evacuation times and reducing air consumption down to a minimum.

Rexroth says its EBS-PT and EBS-PI ejectors are suitable for use in the automation, electronics and packaging industries. The larger EBS-PT version is also suitable for tasks in sectors such as the automotive industry, paper industry, woodworking industry, and sheet metal processing industry, whereas the smaller EBS-PI has been optimised for intricate handling tasks.

The EBS-PT is available in six performance levels with either a push-in fitting or threaded connection, offering numerous integration options for a variety of applications. Mounting can be either directly via side holes in the ejector's housing or by mounting it on a clip-on strip. The latter option enables simple and fast assembly of various ejector sizes on one strip.

For smaller applications, the EBS-PI ejector measures just 57mm long and 10mm in diameter, and is available with two performance levels. Compressed air is directed into the ejector at one end with the exhaust channelled out via side openings; this produces negative pressure at the other end. Since the vacuum is created in an axial direction, the ejector can be integrated directly in the hose line via the press-fit nozzles at either end. This model of ejector is suitable for lifting small parts lined up closely to each other.

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