Cameras deliver both visible and near-IR imaging

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Firstsight Vision is now offering JAI's range of multispectral cameras. These two-chip cameras are available in both CameraLink (AD-080 CL) and GigE (AD-080 GE) versions and offer an innovative combination of visible and near-IR imaging through a single lens in one camera housing. This means that colour and NIR images are acquired simultaneously from exactly the same field of view.

The NIR image provides different information to the colour image and is particularly important in applications in the food processing and food sorting industries, where it may reveal artifacts such as bruising or decay. In these inspections, the product is often tumbling or rolling as it passes the camera, so collecting the NIR and visible images of the same region simultaneously is of great benefit. The camera also has applications in print verification, pharmaceuticals and parts inspection.

A 1/3inch progressive scan CCD with 1024 x 768 pixels is used for colour sensing. The camera also features a new flexible trigger function that auto-switches the trigger synchronisation to ensure images are never missed when triggers are received during readout, and the best image quality is achieved when the trigger is received when the camera is idle.

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