Igus offers semi-finished bar stock and custom components

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Igus offers semi-finished bar stock and custom componentsIgus is now offering semi-finished products in the form of lubrication-free, wear-resistant polymer stock bars. This means that custom-machined parts can now be ordered directly from Igus, which is useful for special-purpose machinery manufacturers, plant builders and maintenance managers who require high-performance material components in special dimensions, small quantities, or for test samples and prototypes.

Furthermore, the Igus bearing life calculation program can also be used to determine the service life of plain bearings made from the iglidur stock bar.

Semi-finished products made from iglidur J, iglidur W300 and FDA-compatible iglidur A180 are currently available. These materials are characterised by their high performance and low friction values in dry-running conditions.

Igus decided to start its new line-up of semi-finished products with these materials because they were developed years ago for applications where long life was crucial; top date they have been fitted as injection-moulded plain bearings millions of times all over the world.

Iglidur J and iglidur W300 are used in many different applications, from organ building, food and packaging and agricultural machinery, to car manufacturing. The brakes and gears for the mountain bikes used by the 2004 Olympic champions used iglidur J bearings, for example.

Iglidur materials consist of complementary polymers, reinforcing fibres and solid lubricants for optimised material properties. Igus conducts more than 8000 tests every year while developing these in its in-house test centre.

The aim is to provide users with precise predictions about bearing behaviour and, in particular, service life. Critical factors observed during these tests include wear, friction, driving force, and responses to varying speeds and temperatures, corrosive agents, dirt, impacts, and shocks.

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