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A new range of intelligent servo drives combining the cost benefits of microstepping motors and the dynamic performance of closed-loop control is now available in the UK exclusively from Motion Drives and Controls. The complete range from USA-based Quicksilver Controls includes size 17, 23 and 34 NEMA frame microstep motors fitted with high-resolution encoders matched to servo drives with integrated motion controls. The intelligent controller/drives are supplied in a choice of formats: as compact board-only designs, in enclosures with breakout boards, or packaged and sealed to IP50. Distributed control versions with CAN or Ethernet are also available, along with I/O modules, cables and accessories.

Quicksilver Controls has developed the application of servo control using microstep motors by creating control algorithms that combine the accuracy, precision, and power savings of traditional servo motors with the higher torque and lower cost of traditional stepper motors. Additional benefits of these innovative drives includes the Advance PVIA servo loop feature for 100:1 inertia mismatch and oversized load capability, and an optional feature named Anti-Hunt that enables the motor to switch to open-loop mode when at rest - thereby removing any tendency for servo dither while holding the load in place.

Typical servo drive specifications covers an 8kHz servo loop with output ratings from 3.5A/phase to 10A/phase with voltage and current input from 12-48V DC at 4.5A maximum. The controller stage includes a generous complement of analogue and digital I/O with RS232 and RS485 communications interfaces for programming and for multi-drop control of several positioning axes. Advanced software controls included are electronic gearing and cam profiling for position following and on-the-fly motion synchronisation. An electronic brake/clutch software feature can also handle variable torque and wind/unwind applications.

Installation, programming and controller status are taken care of with the PC-based QuickControl serial port programming tool that also includes a communication data mode to make PC, embedded controller or PLC interfacing straightforward.

While the controller/drives will suit many size 17, 23 and 34 frame size microstep motors, a full range is available with torque ratings up to 2.5Nm, complete with 8000-16,000 line count encoders and interfacing cables. IP65 rated motor/encoder units are also available.

To facilitate evaluation for OEM applications, a number of start-up kits are available that typically include a selected controller/driver with QuickControl software CD, user manuals, communications and motor cables with optional I/O modules, breakout boards and clamp modules.

04 October 2007

Motion Drives and Controls Limitedvisit website
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