Servo drive incorporates motion control and networking

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Servo drive incorporates motion control and networkingLG Motion is introducing Agile Systems' new microMAX R intelligent servo drive that combines a sophisticated motion controller with user I/O, a powerful servo amplifier and a choice of high-speed networking - all in a single compact package for cost-effective distributed automation.

The new DSP-based drive makes full use of Agile Systems' digitalPOWER core drive technology - a high-performance alternative to traditional hardware-based multi-axis motion control systems with centralised PC-based controllers.

Agile Systems' peer-to-peer network architecture enables individually created programs on several controllers to interact, providing a true distributed control network. Register values are exchanged and synchronised between controllers at a defined point in time for completely co-ordinated motion and machine control.

Measuring under 78 x 78 x 32mm, the diminutive microMAX R can be mounted very close to the motor on an automated machine with short motor power and feedback cabling - and with a network taking care of positioning and machine control commands. This eliminates the need for long runs of noise-susceptible wiring and, with a potential cabling reduction of up to 60 per cent, reduces assembly time and costs.

Open-loop and PID control

The 90V DC drive stage features a 20kHz current loop in a choice of 5 or 15A continuous current ratings. Designed with flexibility in mind to suit a wide choice of motor and feedback technologies, both trapezoidal and sinusoidal commutation options are included for brushed, brushless and voice-coil motors. Open-loop stepper motor control is also provided. A 4kHz PID position loop with multiple filter compensation supports incremental, analogue, absolute and Endat encoders.

According to LG Motion, the networking and communication capabilities of the microMAX R include Firewire CAT5 and Ethernet, which can be used for high-bandwidth control with high-resolution PVT (position/velocity/time) commands over multiple modules. A high-speed RS485 deterministic port and RS232/422 ports are also included.

Agile Systems' DP-Win graphical environment application software is used for configuration, tuning and analysis as well as high-level motion and machine control programming using Agiles Systems' own simple-to-use language. For a complete and flexible programming interface, the MAXCLib is an ANSI C library that supports C and C++ users across all hardware platforms and includes functions and registers for all motion commands, scanned events, timed events, program flow and conditional events.

With a full complement of analogue and digital I/O, including a high-speed position latch and high current outputs, the microMAX R is available in two packaged versions to support locking connectors or backplane interfacing. The -LC locking connector version suits customers requiring the convenience of individual connectors for motion, feedback, communications and other functions and can be supplied with an accessory pack of mating connectors and cabling. The -BP backplane version includes an 80-pin and a 40-pin connector allowing customers to interface the microMAX R directly to their own PCB board, thereby drastically reducing machine wiring and assembly time.

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