Integrated servo motors available with IP65 protection

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JVL is now offering its large MAC800 integrated servo motor (750W) with IP65 sealing - in the same way that the company's smaller MAC50-141 (46-134W) motors have been available previously. This makes the MAC800 suitable for applications in more demanding environments such as those commonly encountered in the food processing industries.

The IP65 protection has been achieved by replacing the built-in fan with large fins. In addition, an IP67 Rulon Teflon bush provides a watertight seal on the shaft bearing. This has very low friction and requires no lubrication.

Both the flange and shaft are made of stainless steel in the IP65 variant. Note that, if used, the expansion module must also be sealed to IP65.

15 October 2007

JVL Industri Elektronikvisit website
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