Compact DryLin EasyTube linear unit is maintenance-free

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Compact DryLin EasyTube linear unit is maintenance-freeIgus is introducing a new maintenance-free linear unit, the DryLin EasyTube, for format adjustments. Lubrication-free, extremely compact and lightweight, the system system consists of just six individual parts: the lead screw, tube, two clamping rings, an attachment flange and slide block. The system is available ex-stock with a diameter of 12, 25 or 30mm.

An external tube guides the slide block and is available either in anodised aluminium or stainless steel. The trapezoidal lead screw and nut are integrated into the tube so they are protected against external influences. This elegant, space-saving design keeps the EasyTube system as small as possible. Moreover, applied moments are supported by the tube itself, so there is no need for a second guide shaft.

The slide block, moment support and lead screw nut are made from a single moulding of the Igus heavy-duty polymer iglidur P. This material is characterised by its high wear resistance, low friction and minimal moisture absorption.

Another neat design feature is the way the two end blocks for attaching the DryLin EasyTube also serve as radial and axial bearings for the lead screw. As multifunctional components, these end blocks are also made of lubrication-free iglidur P, which ensures excellent wear behaviour.

This new linear system was developed in close collaboration with customers. Potential application sectors include the packaging and food engineering industries, although many other applications are conceivable - such as camera and sensor positioning. One customer request was to produce smooth geometric shapes without undercuts and recesses that could act as dirt traps.

DryLin EasyTubes can be used for adjustment tasks up to 15kg in vertical applications or 50kg when installed horizontally. The system can operate in temperatures up to 80degC and is corrosion-resistant when a stainless steel lead screw is specified.

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