Schneeberger monorail BM series guideways delivered from stock

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Schneeberger monorail BM series guideways delivered from stockLG Motion is now supplying Schneeberger's monorail BM series four-row recirculating ball guideway that provides automation machine builders with a high-load, high-rigidity linear bearing system optimised for exceptionally smooth and quiet operation. The low friction bearing is an excellent choice to provide load support for direct-drive linear motor or servo-driven ball screws where moderate to micron-level accuracy, high in-position stability and precise velocity control are important application requirements.

Available from stock in the UK, the monorail BM series is used extensively in a wide range of manufacturing and test applications in electronics, semiconductors, biomedical, scientific equipment and general-purpose assembly automation.

A two-point contact bearing preloading system, coupled with a very efficient ball recirculation system, ensures extremely low friction with minimal dynamic push force variation even under full load. A trapezoidal rail profile design also ensures uniform rigidity and equal load distribution in all directions. Rails are available in six standard widths from 15-45 mm in lengths of up to 6m with matching carriages supplied in a number of styles, some with standard or heavy-duty versions.

Through the range, four accuracy and three preload classes are available to ensure maximum flexibility and cost optimisation for customers' applications. The running accuracy of the best precision class for an individual carriage and rail is around 3um over 1000mm. Under normal operating conditions, speeds to 5m/s and acceleration to 100m/s2 are attainable, with higher values on request.

Seals and servicing

The standard carriage design includes double-lipped cross wiper and longitudinal wiper seals to ensure that lubrication is retained over the maximum usable period. To further improve sealing, a cover strip is available for the rails. Serviceability is enhanced with lubrication points at the front, top and both sides of the carriage.

A wide range of rail and carriage options include non-standard hole spacing, special coatings to improve corrosion resistance, vacuum-compatible preparation, wipers and bellows for added environmental protection, and brakes and clamps to make installation easier.

The range can also be supplied with integrated racks for rack-and-pinion drives and with a length measurement system comprising a directly integrated magnetic scale to combine load carrying, precision alignment and position feedback functions in one convenient package.

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