Chainflex CF Robot cable copes with torsional loads

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Igus is launching a single-core Chainflex CF Robot cable with individual conductors. It is designed to withstand high levels of torsion in all three dimensions, as can be encountered in robotic and similar applications, such as rotary tables or spindle drives that must be supplied with high power levels.

Unlike conventional braided copper shields, which are counter-wound, a torsion-resistant, tin-plated copper shield sheath is used with CF Robot. The forces on the cable are largely absorbed by sliding and buffer elements between the sheath, shield and insulation, thereby preventing early failure of the shield. Igus says the outer sheath material is a high-grade TPE mixture with especially good wear properties.

The new cable has already been tested in the Igus test laboratories through more than three million torsional movements between +/-270 degrees.

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