Clamping force tester aids spot welding quality

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Manual and robotic spot welding is reliable and cost-effective for joining sheet metal components, provided all the operating parameters are maintained within specification. Electrode cap shape, welding current and clamping force are interdependent and require regular monitoring if weld quality and productivity are not to be jeopardised.

To meet the need for a method of testing spot welding equipment that is both simple to install and operate, Kistler offers a clamping force tester that can be integrated with electrode cap machining and weld current checking to provide an efficient service station to optimise performance and maintenance.

The key to the tester is the robust, long-life piezoelectric force transmitter that measures clamping force accurately and reliably at minimum electrode spacing. Damping elements in the transmitter mountings balance out variations in the positioning and impact of the welding tongs.

Kistler's spot welding force tester is effective for checking manual and robotic welding systems, enabling potential problems to be detected and maintenance to be targeted so as to reduce operating costs, minimise rework and enhance productivity.

01 November 2007

Kistler Instruments Ltdvisit website
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