PNOZmulti Configurator supports USB chip card reader

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PNOZmulti Configurator supports USB chip card readerPilz has released a new version of the drag-and-drop Configurator software for the PNOZmulti modular safety controller. Compared with Version 5.0, which was the last major release, Version 5.2.2 offers support for a new model of the chip card reader that plugs into a PC's USB port instead of the serial port, making it more user-friendly.

While version 5.2.2 delivers small but significant enhancements compared with version 5.0, this latest release is an excellent opportunity to upgrade from Version 4 of the Configurator. When Version 5 was released, it incorporated a number of features that are, of course, retained in Version 5.2.2. The main benefits are extra safety functions, standard automation control functions, and improved diagnostics to help minimise plant downtime in the event of a safety-related stoppage.

Version 5 and upwards enables a wider range of safety inputs and outputs to be used, such as safety mats, safety gates with interlocks, pushbuttons, limit switches, key switches, foot switches and light curtains with muting functions. And for applications in which the PNOZmulti performs standard automation control functions, the Configurator enables the cascading output from the PNOZmulti to be used as an output for standard control functions.

Another important introduction in Version 5 was the facility for creating error messages and setting up the PVIS intelligent diagnostics when a compact PMImicro diag diagnostic display is connected to the PNOZmulti controller.

It should also be remembered that Version 5.2.0 of the Configurator provided support for the PNOZ mI1p module that enables PNOZmulti systems to be linked together - and this is carried forward in the latest Version 5.2.2, of course.

Anyone running a previous version of the Configurator with a licence under 12 months old is entitled to a free upgrade; for those with licences older than this there is a charge of £122.40.

Please contact Pilz to request more information about PNOZmulti Configurator software licences by emailing or visit

30 November 2007

Pilz Automation Technologyvisit website
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