Non-metallic enclosures cope with harsh outdoor environments

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Spelsberg els UK is introducing a new range of highly durable, non-metallic enclosures for electrical junctions and instrumentation protection in demanding environments. Originally developed to house sensitive electrical installations in tough petrochemical applications, the Stahlin J Series rugged glassfibre-reinforced polyester (GRP) enclosures is suitable for applications that call for a high degree of protection from corrosion or other environmental conditions.

Stahlin's J Series enclosures are available in more than 300 configurations and 13 sizes ranging from 150 x 100mm to 500 x 400mm. They ensure reliable durability including moisture ingress protection up to IP68. Flat, raised, bonded window, and clear cover options are available, while seven different cover attachment methods - from secure screws to quick-release latches with strong hinges - enable users to select exactly the right level of access.

A poured polyurethane seamless gasket provides a watertight, dust-tight environmental seal; all the Stahlin J Series enclosures are submersion rated to guarantee protection in the worst conditions. Rounded edges with minimal protrusions and exposed pocket areas minimises the build-up of dust and debris in less extreme circumstances. Long-term durability is ensured through the use of 300 series stainless steel for all external hardware and moulded-in threaded brass inserts in all bosses. An integrally moulded mounting flange makes installation and removal quick and easy.

Stahlin's hot compression moulded GRP thermoset material provides exceptional protection in a lightweight enclosure design. The material withstands exposure to a broad range of chemicals, resists impact and is electrically insulating. It can be cut, sawn, punched or drilled easily and accurately.

UV resistance

A patent pending SolarGuard material formulation also delivers extremely high protection from UV degradation. In extensive comparison testing, SolarGuard outperformed other available SMC formulations by as much as 60 per cent in its ability to retain gloss and colour after exposure to concentrated UV light. SolarGuard is a non-halogenated system, meaning that it contains no bromine and no antimony, thereby reducing the risk of smoke-borne toxicity. Furthermore, SolarGuard requires less maintenance than paint, wax or gel-coat alternatives. Because of its chemical composition and special additives, SolarGuard is able to reduce the effects of UV degradation such as surface roughening and fibre blooming.

SolarGuard provides a second layer of protection thereby giving double protection through the use of a sacrificial additive that acts as a UV absorber. The material actually absorbs UV energy, then releases it without damaging the polymer chain.

The J Series is one of four super-tough enclosure ranges from Stahlin now distributed in the UK by Spelsberg. The website has been developed to provide UK customers with a central point of information on all the products; this includes full product listings, approvals and downloadable drawings.

All enclosures are available through Spelsberg's customisation and assembly service. Spelsberg's in-house customisation service offers enclosures ready fitted with DIN rails and bus bars, circuit breakers, colour-coded clip-on terminals for rail mounting, and a wide selection of cable entry devices. Modifications include anything from milling, drilling and engraving to custom cable entries, logos or simple instructions. The service provides customers with the benefits of reduced overall costs, faster production time, reduced stock, administration and minimised administration.

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