Liquid-cooled motors save space, energy and maintenance

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B&R's new liquid-cooled three-phase synchronous motors feature high power density with compact external dimensions. According to the company, this opens up new opportunities for the design of machines and systems, with the extra level of freedom enabling manufacturers to create efficient and economical machines.

Integrated water cooling enables the motor to be more compact and prevents the machine or the switching cabinet from overheating. Eliminating energy-consuming and noisy fans saves space, reduces emissions and lowers costs. The motor's life increases significantly because the parts - except for bearings - are free of wear. As an added bonus, 'intelligent connection technology' for power and encoder connections - using circular connectors or terminal boxes - simplifies installation considerably.

B&R's 8KS series motors are available in four sizes with a rated speed of 1100-2200rpm and a maximum speed of 4500-10,000rpm. The rated torque is 8.3-605Nm. These motors can be controlled with ACOPOS or ACOPOSmulti servo drives.

15 January 2008

B&R Industrial Automation Ltdvisit website
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