Cartridge screens provide protection in high-pressure fluids

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Cartridge screens provide protection in high-pressure fluidsIn most critical fluid control components such as those found in high-volume and automotive applications, filter systems play a crucial role in protecting against contamination. But however effective the main in-line filters are, there is always the possibility that small particles or contaminants can pass through the main filters and cause damage - in ABS braking systems, for example.

With these risks in mind, Lee Products offers a range of Industrial Microhydraulic (IMH) cartridge screens that provide a low-cost, yet effective 'last-chance' filtration barrier. The latest additions to the range are high-pressure cartridge screens, which are rated for a minimum burst pressure of 35MPa (5,000psi).

These screens are constructed from stainless steel woven wire mesh and bonded together using a proprietary process that ensures superior integrity and long life. All IMH high-pressure screens use multiple screen layers and support disks to provide additional strength and integrity for applications where higher pressures could cause a single-layer screen to rupture due to the effects of clogging, possibly with catastrophic consequences. For this reason, Lee high-pressure screens feature an innovative multi-layer design to ensure a gradual reduction in flow performance, as opposed to a rupture that could result in a concentration of dirt flushing downstream, possibly disabling sensitive downstream components.

IMH cartridge-style screens are designed to fit into a drilled hole and be retained by a secondary means. The available diameters of 5.5, 8, 10 and 12mm have been selected so that other IMH components can be used to retain the screen. For example, the 8mm cartridge style screen can be retained using a Lee IMH 855 series reverse check valve. While not intended to serve as system filters, these cartridge screens are an effective, final filtration barrier to protect fuel, hydraulic, lubrication and similar systems.

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