High-accuracy ED02 electro-pneumatic pressure regulator

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A new electro-pneumatic pressure regulator from Rexroth offers high accuracy and dynamics. Combined with its compact design, the ED02 performs well in a very wide range of factory automation applications.

Rexroth's ED02 pressure regulators measure just 76 x 60 x 30mm and are applicable to many sectors, including the automotive, printing and paper technology, and food industries. Thanks to a construction with two directly-controlled 2/2-way proportional valves, a dynamic is attained with an air flow of 100 l/min that is said to be possible only with larger nominal widths in other units.

Pressure regulation is microprocessor-controlled, enabling the ED02 to achieve repetitive precision of 0.44psi (30mbar) and a hysteresis of 0.73psi (50mbar).

Four ED02 series pressure regulators can be linked to each other without a base plate. Compressed air can be supplied from either side, permitting extremely flexible use in a system. The supply voltage and analogue signals for the set point and actual value are connected via a central M12 plug. The unit is said to be universally applicable in spite of a low power consumption of 300mA maximum. Additionally, the ED02 is available with sealing to IP65, making it compatible with the harsher environments where they are generally installed.

Rexroth's ED02 complements the company's other electro-pneumatic pressure regulators, including the ED05 with 1000 l/min flow, the ED07 with up to 1300 l/min and the ED12 with flows of 2600 l/min.

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