Wireless Machine Condition Detector is faster and safer

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Wireless Machine Condition Detector is faster and saferSKF is launching a Wireless Machine Condition Detector (WMCD) for use with its Marlin handheld data manager for carrying out operator inspections quickly and safely. The system uses smart studs and temperature magnets to measure and record vibration, enveloped acceleration and temperature, thereby enabling operating costs to be reduced considerably as part of a condition-based maintenance programme.

The wireless detector is easily portable and therefore extremely versatile, with its compact dimensions making it excellent for applications where space is limited. Furthermore, the WMCD avoids the health and safety issues associated with conventional wired technology, as there are no potentially hazardous cables necessary, while a specially designed rechargeable battery makes the unit cost-effective to operate.

Furthermore, the system is extremely robust, making it suitable for use in hostile industrial environments. The unit is resistant to both water and chemicals, and has been rigorously tested to ensure it is able to withstand physical impact and extreme temperatures.

By enabling operators to observe, record and monitor machine conditions simply and accurately, corrective action can be taken quickly to optimise productivity levels and minimise downtime. An 'alert' condition provides users with an early warning of impending problems, while a 'danger' alarm is activated if issues requiring urgent attention are detected, preventing potentially serious consequences.

SKF's Wireless Machine Condition Detector uses Bluetooth technology to collect and communicate data quickly and accurately, which can then be uploaded to the SKF @ptitude Monitoring Suite, which provides a common platform on which to view and analyse data from all SKF portable and on-line technologies. Consolidating data in this way makes analysis and reporting simple and fast, and enables interfacing with other plant-wide systems, such as SKF @ptitude Decision Support, CMSS and DCS.

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