Screw jacks designed for vertical lift/positioning tasks

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Motion Drives and Controls is launching two new ranges of competitively priced industrial screw jacks for moderate- to heavy-duty vertical lift and positioning applications. Manufactured by the Italian power transmission specialists MTI (Marzorati Trasmissioni Industriali), the SJM and MAR series screw jacks come in a broad selection of standard configurations based upon load and speed requirements, with a comprehensive choice of options and accessories to suit specialised applications - including low-backlash versions.

The SJM series is available in six module sizes based upon a 30-100mm nominal centre distance between input shaft and vertical output shaft. Load ratings through the range are from 10-200kN with stroke lengths up to 6m. Three standard reduction ratios are available for slow, normal and fast operation for vertical speeds of up to 3m/min, with a choice of four standard spindle and drive nut configurations to drive the load in tension or compression. Single- or double-keyed input shafts, or B5/B14 motor mounting for size 56 through 132 IEC motors, are also available.

MTI has designed the SJM series a long service life, with 18 NiCrMo 5 UNI 7846, case-hardened steel worm screws and C40 threaded steel drive shafts with bronze wheel and nut components. The heavy-duty bearings and all contacting parts are fully lubricated, and the robust and durable housing is cast iron for the larger sizes and aluminium for the 10kN rated size.

The larger MAR series is available in four module sizes based upon a 50-200mm centre distance from input shaft to vertical output shaft. Load ratings are from 30-1000kN with stroke lengths to 4.5m.

A comprehensive selection of options is available for both ranges, including bellows protection, protective tubes incorporating a lubricant reservoir, anti-rotation devices, wear control indicator and inductive limit switches.

Special versions with longer stroke lengths, modified mechanical interfacing and other customised features are available to order.

Both SJM and MAR series are supported with comprehensive sizing and ordering information brochures available in hard copy of PDF from Motion Drives and Controls.

30 November 2007

Motion Drives and Controls Limitedvisit website
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