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Kontron's flat panel division is expanding its aFLAT series with the CRTtoLCD-8 flat panel controller. The Kontron CRTtoLCD-8 is claimed to be the first product to have a wide range power supply (12-24V DC) and is specially designed to support industrial applications.

The flat panel controller is an interface, converter and scaler board for use between graphic sources and flat panels. The CRTtoLCD-8 is mechanically compatible with the other members of the Kontron CRTtoLCD family, providing a portfolio of flat panel controllers that offers scalable interfaces and performance.

CRTtoLCD-8 uses and accessories

In addition to RGB and DVI, the flat panel controller board offers composite and S-Video inputs for PAL/NTSC signals to allow comprehensive support for different video sources and provide all prevalent flat panels with the right signals. The CRTtoLCD-8 is equipped for processing signals from IPCs and video cameras, which are becoming increasingly important for industrial and security applications. Other application areas include medical devices for endoscopy and minimally invasive surgery, POS/POI terminals and gaming machines.

Designed around the Genesis FLI5961chip, the Kontron CRTtoLCD-8 flat panel controller comes with 2 x 24 Bit LVDS support for up to two flat panels with a resolution up to SXGA. Many cost-optimised cables also connect to relevant flat panels via the JILI30 interface. Adapter cables are available as well for TTL flat panels. Other flat panels can be accommodated upon request.

The cost-effective and powerful CRTtoLCD-8 flat panel controller board is positioned between the CRTtoLCD-5 and CRTtoLCD-7 flat panel controllers. The company claims that it is an excellent entry-level product for flat panel converter boards with video input. The wide range power supply also provides new connections to industrial applications.

Convenient on screen display keypad

An On Screen Display (OSD) keypad for adjusting settings and controlling the special properties of the CRTtoLCD-8 is available. Alternatively, OSD configuration can be carried out easily from a PC running Windows via the serial interface. Once settings are optimised, they can be saved as a file and called up at any time, even for other panels. This makes the CRTtoLCD-8 suitable for large-series production as it is not necessary to adjust every single controller manually. Individual adjustment of the different flat panels takes place, as with other Kontron flat panel controllers, via special 'panel files', which guarantee an optimal display. Individual firmware adjustments can also be made quickly and conveniently with the Kontron Configuration Workbench, which has the same look and feel for all new controllers in the aFLAT series.

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