Fenner Plus chain and sprockets last longer

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Fenner Plus chain and sprockets last longerWyko, an Eriks Company, is launching the Fenner Plus range of transmission roller chain and sprockets. The re-engineered Fenner Plus optimises the benefits of several features to deliver exceptional performance in everyday applications.

Fenner Plus transmission roller chain features solid rollers, manufactured to achieve an extremely high surface hardness, which results in high wear resistance. This guarantees performance of the chain in hostile environments, as well as improving chain life in less demanding applications.

Shot peened plates help extend chain life further, as the shot peening relieves the stresses built up during manufacture and reduces the likelihood of fatigue failure. In addition, since the chain plates are punched progressively, hole concentricity and accuracy of both diameter and pitch are maintained along the entire length of the chain. This ensures quiet and accurate meshing with the sprockets, and eases pin extraction when splitting the chain.

Fenner Plus chain pins are case hardened to resist abrasion from dust and debris, which helps minimise chain stretch. Furthermore, the chain is delivered pre-tensioned. Taking the initial stretch out of the chain negates the need for re-tensioning of the drive and helps to reduce ongoing maintenance costs.

All Fenner Plus chain is wax lubricated so that it can be used straight from the box. Since debris cannot adhere to this dry wax finish, the chain is protected against premature failure. Precision grinding of the chain pins gives a high-grade surface, which also helps to retain the wax lubricant and extend the life of the chain. In addition, the connecting link pins have a 1900 Vickers Hardness that delivers a wear resistance that is claimed to be unmatched in similar chains currently available.

A lubrication-free version of Fenner Plus chain is also available with sintered bushes that retain lubricant, thereby negating the need for external lubrication. An added benefit of using sintered bushes is that the chain can operate at linear speeds of up to 2.5m/s - which is more than twice the speed of a composite bush chain.

Matching sprockets last 50 per cent longer

To complement the long-life Fenner Plus chain, Wyko is introducing re-engineered Fenner sprockets. Fenner Plus sprockets are available with up to 40 teeth. They are manufactured from C45, a 0.45 per cent plain carbon steel that is well-suited to through-hardening. The flame-hardened teeth, which are hardened to just below the tooth root, help to improve the chain and sprocket life by up to 50 per cent, depending on the application.

When two components interact in a power transmission environment - such as in the case of chain meshing with sprockets - it is preferable to have a slight difference in hardness value between the two to help reduce drive noise, as well as chain and sprocket wear. Using its engineering experience and know-how, Wyko has successfully designed the Fenner Plus sprocket teeth to optimise performance when meshed with Fenner Plus chain.

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