IndraLogic L10 mini PLC features Ethernet interface

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IndraLogic L10 mini PLC features Ethernet interfaceRexroth is launching IndraLogic L10, a mini programmable logic controller (PLC). It is based on the company's extremely compact control hardware IndraControl L and is suitable for centralised and decentralised use in applications requiring lower performance.

The IndraLogic L10 comes with 1MB of program memory, 2MB of data memory and 32kB of residual memory; its processing time is 150us (1000 instruction list commands). That means that its resources are sufficient for implementation of small and medium PLC applications in factory automation.

Rexroth’s new control hardware IndraControl L10 features an Ethernet interface, eight isolated digital inputs and four isolated digital outputs are integrated onboard. Since Rexroth focuses on compatibility with the entire IndraControl L control platform, I/O expansion is as easy and flexible as always through its scalable inline I/O product range. In addition, installation costs for Rexroth’s IndraControl L20 are reduced significantly thanks to simple DIN-rail mounting and flexible multi-lead connection technology. The web-based IndraControl L20 service tool offers online debugging and monitoring with offline simulation and integrated displays ease diagnostics.

As is the case with Rexroth’s large IndraLogic L20 system, firmware and application data are filed to a removable Compact Flash card. Rexroth’s Engineering-Framework IndraWorks supports all of the programming languages defined in the IEC 61131-3 standard, including Instruction List, Structured Text, Sequential Function Chart, Function Block Diagram, Ladder Diagram and Continuous Function Chart. As with all of Rexroth’s IndraLogic L systems, the IndraLogic L10’s function module library conforms to PLCopen (V01).

Machine Automation Training Days

During February and March of 2008, Bosch Rexroth will be holding a number of Machine Automation Training Days throughout the UK and Ireland. Aimed at those who design or build industrial machines, the Machine Automation Training Days will demonstrate how to reduce costs, reduce risk and simplify machine automation through the use of new ideas.

Each attendee will receive a complimentary IEC 61131 PLC starter pack from Rexroth. Hardware contained within the pack includes Rexroth’s IndraLogic L10 compact PLC with integrated Ethernet interface, and IndraLogic IO 16/16 input module and output module. This is bundled with Rexroth’s IndraWorks IEC 61131-3 programming package, along with WinStudio for SCADA/HMI applications.

The Machine Automation Training Days will be held at Bosch Rexroth sites in Cardiff, Cirencester, Bradford and St Neots, as well as additional locations in Livingston and Port Laoise, Ireland at no cost to attendees. To find out more information on specific dates and to reserve your place, simply visit

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