Telescopic pillars accommodate heavy offset loads

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Telescopic pillars accommodate heavy offset loadsSKF is releasing a new range of telescopic pillars, designed to offer a strong, dependable and space-efficient device for positioning and supporting medical and surgical patient tables. The extensive range of pillars is based on a modular design concept that enables a wide variety of table designs to be realised in order to meet the requirements of any application.

The SKF telescopic pillars are designed to accommodate extremely heavy offset loads, thanks to their stiff design that limits the amount of play in the table. For applications where a small amount of play is acceptable, a single pillar with push capabilities is able to support the patient effectively. For critical applications requiring an extremely high level of support, SKF offers a range of pillars with push and pull capacities, which can be used in tandem to eliminate virtually any moment load on the actuators and offer dependable operation.

All of the pillars have been developed to display a low retracted height, making them particularly compact for medical tables. The low cross-section of the pillars enables them to offer optimum support to protect the health and safety of patients and makes it easy to climb on and off the tables. The pillars are virtually silent in operation. A gear ratio of between 1:3 and 1:40 can also be selected from a wide range to achieve the right balance of speed and control for a particular application.

The latest generation of pillars includes the TMS, TLG and TLT series with push capacity and the TFG and CALB ranges with both push and pull capabilities to meet demanding requirements.

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