Piezoelectric strain transmitter features integral amplifier

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The new piezoelectric strain transmitter from Kistler Instruments is claimed to offer significant advantages over conventional strain gauge types. The integral digital charge amplifier providing a normalised voltage output signal, combined with tolerance of high overloads, high sensitivity, IP67 sealing and almost unlimited service life, make the new sensor especially suitable for quality monitoring in volume production environments. A single cable carries all connections: signal output, measurement control, range selection serial interface and excitation voltage.

Fixed with one M6 screw, the new type 9238A strain transmitter can be mounted easily wherever is appropriate and convenient. Typically, mounted on a machine structure, the transmitter can measure force indirectly through proportional strain. The new transmitter is especially suited for monitoring production processes such as press fit, riveting and spot welding where the force profile is indicative of the quality of the process, even in dirty and wet conditions.

For applications where a charge output is required, the same sensor is available without the integrated charge amplifier as the type 9237A strain sensor.

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