Gas spring has 'push to lock' and 'push to unlock' feature

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Gas spring has 'push to lock' and 'push to unlock' featureSKF Mechatronics is launching the latest addition to its Stabilus Lift-O-Mat range of gas springs. The Lift-O-Mat PTL features an internal mechanical lock in the compressed position, which is said to present new opportunities for designers looking for a simple way to create concealed elements and storage areas in specialised products - which can then be revealed quickly and easily with a light push.

The innovative gas spring operates in a similar way to a ball-point pen, locking when compressed and disengaging to allow the spring to extend at a controlled rate when pushed. In addition to controlling the elevation of the object reliably and smoothly, the gas spring also features an end position stop, thereby eliminating the need for additional fixing elements and minimising production and installation costs.

As with the entire Lift-O-Mat range, the PTL gas spring offers a controlled rate of elevation using hydropneumatic technology; as the piston moves from gas to oil, the spring slows to a dampened pace, coming to a controlled stop. A dynamic damping feature enables users to specify the rate of elevation for a particular application, making the Lift-O-Mat extremely versatile.

Due to its combination of carefully controlled elevation and innovative locking functionality, the Lift-O-Mat PTL is suitable for a diverse range of applications.

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