High-performance drive is easy to integrate in automation

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High-performance drive is easy to integrate in automationParker Hannifin's latest compact, modular systems drive is a high-performance, versatile product that is compatible with virtually any feedback technology and can therefore be integrated seamlessly into automation networks across a diverse range of applications, thereby increasing productivity and profitability as a result.

The AC890 has been designed to control the speed and position of open- and closed-loop AC motors or servo motors. With a powerful 150MHz microprocessor, it is able to meet the requirements of all variable speed applications, from simple motor speed control to integration of sophisticated multi-drive automation or process systems. In addition, the latest drive is able to achieve high-bandwidth control loops, which makes it suitable for a wide range of demanding industrial applications such as printing, cut-to-length, rotary shear, converting and slitting.

With three user keypad options, drive parameters can be read on one of three screen sizes. The drive can be mounted remotely, as required on some drive frame sizes.

The AC890's compatibility with any AC motor and virtually any speed/position feedback option makes it possible to improve productivity and system functionality without the need to replace existing AC motors, saving both time and money. The drive features high-performance ports linked directly to fast control loops for minimal delay between the fieldbus setpoints and control loops. This also enables existing analogue setpoint-based products to be replaced by digital fieldbus-based devices with minimal bandwidth loss.

Available as a standalone version or as a common bus version, the AC890 can contribute to achieving a smaller system design footprint. Furthermore, the drive can be configured for five different operating modes: open-loop (volts/frequency) control; sensorless vector control; closed-loop vector control; servo control; and four-quadrant active front-end power supply module.

A high-performance version of the AC890 can also be specified, which has all the features of the standard model plus a library of pre-engineered application-specific LINK VM function blocks such as shaftless printing, cut-to-length, advanced winding and advanced traversing. Both versions of the drive can be configured and programmed quickly and simply with Parker's software package Drive System Explorer.

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