High-temperature accelerometers handle harsh environments

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High-temperature accelerometers handle harsh environmentsInertial Aerosystems is introducing a range of rugged, high-temperature accelerometers that have been designed primarily for downhole measurement-while-drilling (MWD) applications in the oil and gas industries, yet they are also suitable for use in other extreme environments.

Designated the QAT160/T185 range, these two units are produced by USA-based Honeywell in Redmond, WA. Both use the proven Q-Flex etched quartz proof flexure seismic system, modified for harsh environments.

The integrated high-temperature electronics hybrid develops an output current proportional to acceleration, providing both static and dynamic acceleration measurements up to +/-20g. With an appropriately scaled output resistor, the output current can be converted into voltage.

While the QAT160 has an operating temperature of -40 to 160degC (175degC intermittent), the QAT185 has an operating temperature of 140 to 185degC (200degC intermittent). Both have a shock resistance of >1000g and a vibration tolerance of 30g peak sine 50/800Hz. Weighing only 55g with a diameter of 25.4mm and a length of 18.5mm, they are easy to incorporate in MWD instrumentation.

These high-quality products have high resistance to vibration and shock and have built-in calibration. Various mounting options are available.

These products are currently free of USA export licensing requirements provided a valid end-use certificate is provided.

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25 March 2008

ETLG Inertial Aerosystemsvisit website
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