Sound pressure meter is suitable for industrial environments

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Sound pressure meter is suitable for industrial environmentsSKF is releasing a handheld sound pressure meter to simplify the recording of sound levels in industrial environments, thus protecting the health and safety of employees and minimising the costs that arise from illness and legal action. The portable TMSP 1 device can be carried around and used wherever it is needed to carry out checks quickly and simply.

The ergonomic instrument picks up environmental noise of between 30 to 130dB through an electret condenser microphone and then produces a sound reading in decibels on the handset. The device is simple to use, featuring a backlit display for improved visibility in poorly lit environments and displaying results either digitally or as a bar graph for quick analysis. Due to its intuitive design, the TMSP 1 can be used with no special training.

Time weightings

The SKF sound pressure meter is suitable for virtually any environment where noise levels need to be measured, offering both dBA and dBC scale weightings for either general sound level measurements or low-frequency noise recordings. Furthermore, fast or slow time weightings can be selected, making it possible to take an average measurement where noise levels are fluctuating. The device can withstand a wide range of operating temperatures and is excellent for hostile industrial applications.

Able to take accurate readings at +/-1.5dB, the TMSP 1 can record noise levels either quantitatively or qualitatively depending on user requirements. To simplify the taking of measurements over a prolonged period, the device can be mounted on a tripod and an alarm set to sound when the noise level exceeds minimum or maximum acceptable levels. The robust instrument has a typical battery life of over 50 hours, with an automatic power-off option to conserve energy, enabling multiple readings to be taken over extended timescales without charging.

The TMSP 1 is supplied in a carrying case with a range of accessories including a windshield to ensure accurate readings in wind speeds over 10m/s, a calibration screwdriver, a jack for external outputs and an alkaline battery. The device is fully compliant with IEC 651 type 2 and ANSI S1.4 type 2 regulations for sound level meters.

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