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Pickering Interfaces is publishing the second edition of LXImate, a 130-page book that provides an easy-to-read description of the LXI standard, product availability and its evolution.

The LXI standard is widely accepted as the natural replacement for GPIB, providing an interface that applies the power of the web to test and measurement. LXI opens up new possibilities for the creation of time-aware local and distributed test systems that are simple to configure and put together using standard Ethernet interconnections. In less than two and a half years since the publication of the standard, almost 500 products have been introduced or upgraded by the major test and measurement vendors to comply with the standard.

Pickering's book provides sections on the discovery process, web page usage, software principles and trigger systems. In addition, sections describe the general principles of the Wired Trigger Bus that provides a low-latency trigger exchange system and the IEEE1588 protocol that can give an LXI test system knowledge of time and can be used to generate time-based triggers. Finally, there is a description of the compliance process used by the LXI consortium. Examples of products that have been introduced and are compliant with the standard are also listed.

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David Owen, Pickering Interfaces' Business Development Manager, says: "The LXImate has been reviewed by many senior members of the LXI consortium and is designed to take the mystery out of adopting a new standard into your test platforms. All of the major portions of the specification are spelt out clearly. When more detail is needed, the complete specifications are on the LXI consortium's web site."

The new publication is an excellent companion to the PXImate, a book currently in its fouth edition, also published by Pickering Interfaces.

Copies of the new publication are free and can be ordered from or by contacting your local Pickering Interfaces Sales office.

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