NitroSource cuts the cost of supplying nitrogen

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NitroSource cuts the cost of supplying nitrogenParker Hannifin's Process Filtration Division is launching the latest addition to its range of industrial nitrogen generators, the NitroSource HiFluxx, enabling companies in a wide variety of industries to take control of their nitrogen supply, thereby cutting costs and improving productivity.

Incorporating Parker’s hollow fibre membrane technology, the NitroSource generator enables up to 99.5 per cent pure nitrogen to be separated from a central compressed air stream, removing both the space needed to store gas in bottles or silos and also the reliance on external gas suppliers. This enables the cost of obtaining a constant supply of nitrogen to be both reduced and regulated as production is brought in house.

The NitroSource HiFluxx industrial generator is modular in design, making it simple to expand. Each unit has the capacity to produce up to 5000Nm3/hr and, thanks to the master/slave feature, up to 11 main units with the potential for five sub-units each can be connected and controlled as one plant- or department-wide generator. Simplicity of use is enhanced further with a digital data management system that can monitor, store and communicate parameters such as pressure, flow and residual oxygen concentration.

With virtually no moving parts and a high-quality compressed air filtration stage that optimises the inlet air quality, the generator offers a long, low-maintenance service life. Its small footprint means that the system requires considerably less floor space than nitrogen storage vessels, and its robust industrial design makes it suitable for aggressive industrial environments from food processing plants to the oil and gas industry.

In addition to providing an on demand supply of nitrogen, the NitroSource HiFluxx can be connected to an external storage vessel to enable businesses to cope with peak demand in applications where the requirement for nitrogen is variable.

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