DC system drives cuts space requirement by half

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DC system drives cuts space requirement by halfParker SSD Drives is extending its popular DC590+ family of DC system drives with a new and even more compact version, called Frame 6. The new Frame 6 drive has a far smaller footprint than previous models, making it one of the smallest devices on the market and reducing the space required in control cabinets by over 50 per cent. In addition, the new drive is easy to install and configure, helping customers improve both their productivity and profitability.

The DC590+ Frame 6 drives are supplied as versatile modules for easy installation and service, with separate power and control modules being designed to mount directly to cabinet backplates. Each drive can be wired with a top or bottom AC power supply input, as well as left or right DC exit, and is available in a choice of three current ratings of 1250, 1600 and 1950A, with voltage ranges from 380-690VAC, and power ranges from 600-900kW (750-1250HP).

In addition, as each drive module weighs significantly less than traditional large packaged drives, they are easy to install and can be shipped around the world at lower cost and for fast replacement if required.


The new DC590+ Frame 6 high power DC drive has been designed to provide optimum reliability and efficiency with a range of features to minimise wear and tear and save energy. For example, cooling fans are only switched on when required and are constantly monitored for rotation, which eliminates unexpected machine downtime when the drive gets too hot. Similarly, built-in snubbers ensure reliable operation even in cases of mains disturbance.

To improve operational flexibility still further, the new drive communicates with all popular industrial fieldbus protocols, including Ethernet, ProfiBus, ControlNet, DeviceNet and CanOpen, by means of option cards. The DC590+ Frame 6 is also supplied with a full set of function blocks dedicated to section control - winder/unwinder, dancer control, PID, load control – which virtually eliminates the need for an external PLC.

Parker SSD Drives provides a full range of highly innovative products, including AC, DC, and servo drives in the range of fractional kW to 1500kW, based on the sound principals of ease of use, global standards and, above all, reliability.

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