Draw-wire sensor is half the size of alternatives

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Draw-wire sensor is half the size of alternativesVariohm Eurosensor is launching the new Celesco Outrigger series cable extension position sensor, with encoder or potentiometer feedback and a full-stroke measuring range of 0-5m. The durable and watertight IP67-rated unit features an impact and chemically resistant polycarbonate housing that is said to be around half the size of similar performance string-pot/draw-wire style position sensors.

The two-channel optical encoder version requires a 24V DC supply and includes a robust TTL level line driver. Resolution over the full measuring range is 10 pulses per mm +/-10 per cent and the operational temperature range is -40 to +90degC. The potentiometric version is available for regulated 4-20mA or 0-10V DC output. The current output version has a working temperature range of -40 to +125degC and the voltage output version is able to operate in even higher temperatures up to +150degC.

These competitively priced Outrigger sensors have been designed to withstand the rigours of harsh industrial environments such as fork lift safety monitoring, winch and crane position feedback systems and demanding applications as diverse as theatre automation, hospital patient handling equipment and flood control systems, as well as many other areas where a watertight and hard-wearing design with long life and low maintenance is a prime requisite.

Cable extension transducers, being based upon a simple spring-loaded spool, a flexible cable and a rotary sensor, tolerate a high level of misalignment between the cable and housing, which can be mounted well away from the measured load. This makes the technology suitable for applications where excessive vibration and extreme temperatures at the load measurement point may restrict the use of LVDT, linear potentiometers and other linear measurement devices.

The compact Outrigger units use the same space-saving design as the Celesco SP and SE series 'string pot' sensors and can be mounted into a volume of approximately 200mm in diameter and 100mm in length with a simple two-hole mounting flange and electrical connection via a four-pin M12 threaded plastic connector. The 5m long measuring cable is 0.86mm diameter stainless steel with a nylon coating and has an operation tension rating of 7(+/-2)N.

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