Kontron microETXexpress-SP COM uses Intel Atom

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Kontron is releasing the new Kontron microETXexpress-SP Computer-on-Module. Based on the Intel Atom processor, it offers full COM Express pinout Type 2 compliance including SDVO graphics.

The Kontron microETXexpress-SP Computer-on-Module is designed to extend the COM Express specification to include a small module format (95 x 95mm) with the commonly used COM Express Type 2 connector. This enables the development of energy-saving, high-end graphics devices based on the Intel Atom processor without having to stray from the secure development path of utilising the established and future-proof COM Express specification and its PICMG-defined Type 2 pinout.

Compared with the compact Kontron nanoETXexpress-SP Computer-on-Module, the microETXexpress-SP offers PCI as well as more sophisticated graphics support with SDVO. Via the PEG pinout, SDVO delivers additional video signals for VGA and DVI monitor outputs, SDTV and HDTV television outputs and TV tuner inputs that greatly simplify system graphics design. This special feature makes this 95 x 95mm Computer-on-Module suitable for small mobile and energy-efficient multimedia devices as well as for mobile test and measurement applications.

Solar-powered distributed devices and stationary devices used in medical, POS/POI and kiosk applications as well as automation applications also benefit from the graphics performance and extended, sophisticated feature set. The microETXexpress-SP Computer-on-Module comes with the Intel Atom processor Z5XX series from 1.1-1.6GHz and Intel System Controller Hub US15W. It also offers a 533MHz FSB and a socket for up to 1GByte DDR2 400/533 RAM. An array of interfaces is available via the COM Express Type 2 connector including one Gigabit Ethernet, two SerialATA, one PATA, seven USB 2.0 (one of which is client-capable) as well as two PCI-Express lanes and one PCI lane for application-specific expansions. In order to support small format SD/SDIO interfaces, the microETXexpress-SP Computer-on-Module offers a socket for SD/MMC media.

This mini device also provides an SDVO port for HDMI and DVI, 18-24bit LVDS single- or dual-channel graphic performance with 256MB of graphic memory, HDTV support and an integrated MPG2 decoder as well as H264. Intel HD audio round off the feature set. The microETXexpress-SP Computer-on-Module supports Linux and VxWorks as well as Windows XP, XPe and CE.

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