Edge-welded bellows deliver flexibility in a compact package

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Edge-welded bellows deliver flexibility in a compact packageAbssac is now supplying a range of custom bellows, through Bellows Tech, which specialises in the design and manufacture of precision edge-welded bellows and assemblies. The product family encompasses a wide array of alloys including Inconel, Hastelloy, titanium, aluminium and 316L stainless steel.

All dimensional configurations serve numerous industries:

  • High vacuum
  • Semiconductor
  • Aerospace
  • Medical
  • Military
  • Welding, mining and agricultural,Oil Machinery

The metal bellows provide a hermetic, all-metal pressure barrier and seal that can flex in one or more direction. A key advantage is that the bellows can provide exceptional flexibility in a very small space.

Edge-welded metal bellows can be put to use in many different ways to perform a variety of functions. For example, applications that require high quality, state-of-the-art micro fusion joining. In summary, edge-welded bellows are very functional and cost-effective.

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