Electroformed spring contacts provide reliable connections

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Electroformed spring contacts provide reliable connectionsAbssac is offering bespoke precision electroformed spring contacts for making electrical connections in electronic devices. Utilising a bellows design, the non-permanent electrical connection is particularly useful for components that need to be inserted, removed and re-inserted.

The two types of spring contacts best suited for these applications are gold-plated wire mesh cylinders and gold-plated miniature metal bellows. These are available as standard stock items or custom electroforms made to individual specifications.

Abssac's Servometer bellows type contact springs are manufactured from electro-deposited nickel and then gold plated to enhance their conductivity. They are both flexible and dynamic and are designed to provide a lifetime of reliable interconnection. Furthermore, they can help overcome tolerance build-up and thermal expansion problems in critical assemblies.

Typical applications include:

  • Diodes
  • Wave guide components
  • Printed circuit boards

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